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BT TV is a subscription IPTV service offered by BT ; a division of United Kingdom telecommunications company BT Group, and was primitively launched as BT Vision in December 2006. As of the end of June 2019, BT TV had 1.9 million customers. BT television uses the YouView platform, so offers Freeview channels via DTT along with YouView ‘s extra on-demand content, vitamin a well as 30 excess entertainment channels ( 18 of which are available in HD ), 9 supernumerary children ‘s channels, 11 movie channels ( Sky Cinema ), 5 populate sports channels ( BT Sport & Sky Sports ) and other on-demand services delivered through IPTV. BT Sport channels are available in SD and HD through IPTV signals. BT Sport, ESPN and AMC from BT are available in non-fibre areas over IPTV using copper multicast where available. As BT TV transmits channels and content through IPTV, BT requires customers to sign up to the BT Broadband internet and phone avail to use BT television receiver, with joining via BT ‘s official router, BT Home Hub.

BT started rebranding its television services – BT Vision and its YouView serve as BT TV between May and August 2013. [ 1 ] On 11 April 2014, BT announced that the original Vision service would be closed down as of 30 June, with all customers getting a barren promote to its modern YouView service. [ 2 ] The Vision serve was, after August 2013, entirely used to broadcast Sky Sports, equally well as BT Sport for non-Infinity customers. Sky Sports 1 & 2 were made available to YouView customers on Tuesday 16 December 2014 following an interim regnant from the Appeal Court backing Ofcom ‘s opinion that YouView is to be included in the “ wholesale mustiness propose ” of the channels .

history [edit ]

background [edit ]

When british Telecom ( BT ) was privatised in 1984, it was barred from providing television broadcasts over its telecommunication net, which meant that it was not possible for BT to provide a cable television receiver service. The banish was designed to protect the fresh smaller telecommunication companies and the humble cable television receiver networks in the United Kingdom as it was felt that BT had an unfair advantage because its pre-privatisation monopoly meant that its equipment was already installed in about every family and clientele in the area. In January 2001, the banish was lifted. [ 3 ] Despite the banish on BT offering cable television services, it did offer to customers in the 1990s analogue satellite receivers compatible with the Astra satellite system ( with built-in VideoCrypt decoders for receiving the Sky Multichannels package ) ; these boxes were rebadged versions of receivers built by other companies, such as the BT SVS200 being a Cambridge ARD200. [ 4 ]

launch [edit ]

BT Vision was launched on 5 December 2006, competing with Sky, Virgin Media ( then known as NTL : Telewest ) and TalkTalk Plus television receiver ( then known as Tiscali television ). [ 5 ] Initial industry reaction was positivist although there was some criticism that set up costs were expensive and it was noted that BT Group were entering a competitive marketplace. [ 6 ] In May 2007, BT Group launched a national advertising crusade for BT Vision. [ 7 ] BT Vision was the second IPTV television platform in the UK, after Homechoice television. The draw a bead on was to attract “ hundreds of thousands ” of customers by the end of 2007 and 2–3 million in the medium-term. however, adoption was slow and by February 2008 BT Vision had merely 150,000 customers. [ 8 ]

Premium sport deal [edit ]

BT acquired the rights to carry 242 same-day ( but not populate ) Premier League football matches per season in a three-year cope covering the 2007–08, 2008–09 and 2009–10 seasons in a joint bid with BSkyB on 25 May 2006, prior to BT Vision ‘s launch. [ 9 ] BT Vision besides have the correct to offer on demand coverage of 125 matches each season from the Football League and League Cup. This service ceased prior to the start of the 2010–11 season. Between August 2007 and June 2009, Setanta Sports was available through BT Vision, via DTT and a ache card, offering survive Premiership and Scottish Premier League games, arsenic well as other sporting events such as US PGA Tour Golf and Magners League Rugby. BT Vision made a batch with american sports television receiver ship’s company ESPN [ 10 ] for carriage of its newfangled groove which replaced Setanta on DTT. The company announced the price of their Sky Sports packages in July 2010, following the consequence of Ofcom ‘s review into pay-TV price in March, which directed Sky to reduce the wholesale price it charges for the Sky Sports channels. [ 11 ] The price charged to customers signing up for broadband, calls and television receiver with BT for a biennial contract results in the administration making a “ meaning loss on the service ”, [ 12 ] [ 13 ] allowing them to undercut the price charged by Sky to its own customers. [ 12 ]

Microsoft deal [edit ]

On 7 January 2008, BT reached a deal with Microsoft where the latter ‘s Xbox 360 console table would have provided BT Vision ‘s on demand content. The service was due to launch in mid-2008 but never materialised .

Sky Sports deal [edit ]

On 28 June 2010, BT and Sky signed an agreement where Sky Sports 1 and 2 will be available for BT Vision customers. [ 14 ] This came a year after BT stopped offering Setanta Sports 1 & 2 on vision after Setanta lost the rights to broadcast Premier League football. [ 15 ]

UKTV manage [edit ]

On 22 March 2012, it was announced that BT would offer UKTV original message on-demand from later in the day. Featured programmes include James Martin’s Mediterranean ( Good Food ), Choccywoccydoodah ( Good Food ), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ( Home ), Celebrity Fantasy Homes ( Home ), Tool Academy ( Really ), Bridezillas ( Really ), Amazing Planet ( Eden ) and Life on Fire ( Eden ). [ 16 ] As part of the batch, UKTV started streaming linear channels to BT Vision set lead boxes late in 2012. The beginning three were Watch, GOLD and Alibi ; far channels good Food, Eden and Home were to launch at a former date. [ 17 ] Dave, Really and yesterday will likely not launch on the military service as they are already available on Freeview, which is available through the BT set-top boxes .

Fox bargain [edit ]

On 11 April 2012, BT and Fox International Channels announced that from former 2012, BT Vision customers would be able to watch FX ( now known as Fox ) as a linear channel. BT Vision customers were besides able to watch many of the top shows, up to seven days after infection on-demand and lookout library programmes on-demand. [ 18 ] On 1 March 2016, Fox was removed from the BT TV line-up .

National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild deal [edit ]

On 12 June 2012, BT announced that National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild would be coming to BT Vision as linear channels in recently 2012. The manage besides included a weeklong on requirement catch up of programmes .
On 13 June 2012, it was announced that BT had acquired a plowshare of the rights to Premier League football television coverage for the 2013–14 to 2015–16 seasons. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] As depart of the manage, BT acquired the live rights to 38 games, including 18 of the 38 “ first foot ” games, for a sum of £738 million. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] BT simultaneously announced plans to launch a Sports Channel on all platforms, including BT Vision .

Premiership Rugby rights [edit ]

On 12 September 2012, BT agreed a £152 million four-year exclusive rights deal for the circulate of Premiership Rugby from the 2013/14 season. [ 21 ]

british Eurosport deal [edit ]

On 8 November 2012, BT signed a contract with british Eurosport to add british Eurosport 1 and 2 to its line-up of linear television receiver channels. [ 22 ] The deal included sporting capacity to watch on necessitate. On-demand message was late removed but re-added in mid 2018 following the sign of a new deal with Eurosport ‘s current owners Discovery .

Sky Movies conduct [edit ]

On 14 October 2013, BT signed a deal with Sky for the carriage of their Sky Movies channels and on-demand capacity. The channels were available to customers from 26 October. [ 23 ]

Netflix Deal [edit ]

On 10 November 2014 BT and YouView announced that the Netflix player had been made available on BT & retail Humax YouView boxes. In addition BT announced a tie in deal with Netflix, where you can subscribe to Netflix and pay through your BT television bill. [ 24 ]

AMC Deal [edit ]

On 4 August 2015 BT and AMC Networks International announced that they would be launching the AMC groove for the first gear time in the UK entirely for BT customers. The duct launched on 28 August 2015 and is available to order absolve of charge on all BT TV packages and to Sky television receiver customers who besides subscribe to the BT Sports Pack. [ 25 ]

Amazon deal [edit ]

On 21 June 2018 BT announced that Amazon Prime Video will be available through BT TV. [ 26 ]

now television share [edit ]

On 3 April 2020 it was announced now television receiver will be available through BT TV. [ 27 ]

available Channels [edit ]

The following is a list of live television receiver channels [ 28 ] on the BT television platforms with their EPG numbers, correct as of 30th October 2021. All channels are offered to the viewer via IPTV with the relevant subscription from BT television receiver :

Classic Entertainment Pack
Classic Entertainment Pack – HD & 4K bolt-on
BT Entertainment Pack
BT Entertainment Pack – HD & 4K bolt-on
NOW Entertainment Pass
NOW Entertainment Pass – HD & 4K bolt-on
Legacy Sky Sports bolt-on
Legacy Sky Sports bolt-on – HD & 4K bolt-on
Big Sport (NOW Sky Sports Pass)
Big Sport (NOW Sky Sports Pass) – HD & 4K bolt-on
BT Sport Pack
BT Sport Pack – HD & 4K bolt-on
Sky Cinema bolt-on/NOW Sky Cinema Pass[23]
NOW Sky Cinema Pass – HD & 4K bolt-on
BT TV Kids bolt-on
NOW Kids bolt-on
NOW Kids bolt-on – HD & 4K bolt-on
Box Office
Netflix bolt-on
Amazon Prime bolt-on

These IPTV channels are lone available to customers who have access to BT ‘s Infinity fiber-optic broadband along with the relevant BT television receiver subscription. The channels became available on BT ‘s YouView avail in August 2013, with newly EPG numbers in the 4xx and 5xx ranges, alternatively of the 8xx and 9xx ranges which BT Vision had before. The EPG numbers are the same on rival TalkTalk Plus television, as both run on ( and are maintained by ) YouView. The Sky Cinema and BT Kids bolt-ons were launched during the Autumn/Winter of 2013. These are at extra cost as ‘bolt on ‘ packs to the available television packages.

Catch Up and On-Demand [edit ]

BT TV Players & Apps Catch-up service is available free of mission on any package and include the play along :

App access to the following services

From belated May 2008, BT Vision discontinued spare access to BBC TV replay, rather requiring Vision users to take out a monthly subscription. however, in November 2010, BT announced that BT Vision subscribers would be able to access the BBC iPlayer from the end of June 2011. [ 29 ] This servicing was built by Pushbutton for Microsoft Mediaroom. ITV Player has been available since December 2008. demand 5 was removed on 6 October 2010, but was reinstated in May 2011 .

BT TV Store

contented is provided by :

BT Sport

In summation to the BT Sport channels, an archive of football, wrestle, box, soldierly arts, drive sports and extreme point sports matches available on-demand, with a few on a pay up per view footing. This used to be called Vision Sport but has subsequently been merged with BT Sport for on-demand subject and the name Vision Sport is no longer in use .

BT TV Kids

BT television has agreed deals with :

BT TV Film

BT TV Film is accessed through the BT TV Player app and provides a library of the latest blockbuster films on a give per watch basis. Films on BT TV Player chiefly come from the comply content providers
BT TV besides gives users access to Curzon Home Cinema directly from their BT television YouView box within the BT TV Player app where they can purchase some of the latest films without the indigence to connect to a different device .

BT Music

BT television receiver has agreed deals with :
who provide over 1,500 music television, concerts and music documentaries, on-demand available for rend without the need for a BT television Music Bolt-on .

YouView from BT [edit ]

On 21 September 2012, BT, one of the partners of YouView, announced that they would provide a free YouView box to its broadband subscribers. This new service will allow customers to access BT Vision ‘s on need content, YouView ‘s EPG technologies such as ‘scrollback ‘, and now television. This came weeks after TalkTalk launched its newly YouView-based television servicing TalkTalk Plus television receiver. YouView from BT launched on 26 October 2012. On 27 June 2013, the CEO of BT ‘s television division, Marc Watson, said that BT Vision will be rebranded as ‘BT television ‘, in concert with the YouView service under an umbrella brand. BT aimed to offer sports on the YouView service. however, on 1 August 2013, BT was refused by rival BSkyB to broadcast Sky Sports on BT ‘s YouView overhaul. [ 30 ] This mean that the Vision+ box would continue to be distributed for the purpose of Sky Sports and the excess linear channels ( as of 27 June ), as long until these features would be ultimately available on BT YouView. On 9 August 2013, the 18 extra linear channels from BT Vision were successfully added to the BT YouView EPG and cook for streaming. [ 31 ] Just two days prior to this, both BT and TalkTalk asked Digital UK to expand the stream IP duct range from 400–499 to 400–599, as they both claim to launch over a hundred new streamed channels via YouView .

Vision+ PVR [edit ]

The Vision+ is a set-top box, similar to Sky+ and V+, that enables 100 hours of television programmes to be recorded while watching other live programmes. The service is described as providing a range of on-demand subject without compulsory subscriptions. however, a BT broadband connection with a undertake line speed is required. A self-install translation and a technician install version of BT Vision are available. This box can access standard definition Freeview broadcasts where available, on-demand SD and HD content from BT, along with analogue VOD channels through BT Infinity. The original silver Vision+ box is a Toshiba HDTV9719 running Saorview software for the IPTV signals. The OS is BT television. The following generation Vision+ box was made by Motorola. The modern black Vision+ box is made by Pace. BT released a newfangled Humax set top box in late 2012 offering Freeview HD services, linear VOD HD channels through BT Infinity, and on-demand boxsets, catchup television and other new features as share of the YouView service. The original argent Vision+ boxes will be no habit after 30 June 2014. All customers will get a free upgrade to YouView, worth £199, if they recontract for 18 months. Users of the black Vision+ boxes are unaffected. [ 32 ]

launch packages [edit ]

The newly rebranded BT television receiver had three packages as of 10 August 2013 : TV Essential, Essential Extra, and Unlimited Extra. All packages came with a YouView box with Freeview television and radio receiver channels, catch-up television receiver and the ability to pause, record and rewind live television receiver. A Vision+ box was provided for Sky Sports customers, until 30 June 2014. Vision television, Music, Kids and Sport were on-demand. All cost 50p a express with TV Essential, and were free and outright with TV Unlimited. Vision Filmclub was available for exempt with TV Unlimited, and is not available for TV Essential. Vision Box Office was on a pay per horizon basis, available with both TV Essential and TV Unlimited .

April 2015 packages [edit ]

On 24 April 2015 BT television launched revised packages as follows : [ 33 ]

  • Starter – Freeview, Catch Up TV, BT Sport, AMC, Pause & Rewind (Set Top Box supplied does not record)
  • Entertainment Plus – As per Starter plus with ability to Record TV, 28 linear IPTV channels and Mobile App access to IPTV
  • Total Entertainment – As per Entertainment Plus with inclusive Ultra HD, HD Extra and Kids Extra bolt ons

BT customers without Infinity broadband can only obtain the Starter software, with BT Sport only available on Starter via IPTV in certain areas. entertainment packages are entirely available to those with Infinity broadband. Unicast IPTV streaming bolt-ons for Netflix, BT Kids ( children ‘s message ) or BT Music message can be added to all packages. Multicast IPTV Bolt-ons for Sky Sports Main Event & Extra, Sky Movies and HD channels can merely be added to Entertainment packages. BT Sport and AMC channels are available rid of blame for customers with BT Infinity fiber-optic broadband. For customers who do n’t have access to BT ‘s fiber-optic network, these can watch these channels via DTT on a Vision+ box. On 24 January 2014 BT ceased to sell BT Sport via DTT, and subsequently ceased provision of BT Sport 2 via DTT on 1 January 2015. BT Sport 1 ended on DTT on 2 June 2015. [ 34 ]

References [edit ]

  • BT Vision, official site.
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