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How to Unpair Apple Watch Without IPhone – Step By Step Guide 2022 – W3codemasters

If you are thinking to update your old device to a new one by purchasing new phone or Apple Watch. Or going to sell your previous Apple Watch and iPhone, then you have to unpair your Apple Watch with your apple call. however, do you know you can unpair your Apple Watch without your iPhone. Along with if you have forgotten your Apple Watch passcode then don ’ triiodothyronine worry.

In this article, we are going to discuss the ways by which we can know how to unpair the Apple Watch without a telephone. Read wholly. Create a backup of all your information from your Apple Watch, before unpairing it. If you had already backed up your device with iTunes and iCloud, then your Apple Watch stand-in is already generated. Along while using iTunes for accompaniment the accompaniment data must be encrypted with the Apple Watch so that the chances of losing data became high.

Process of unpair an Apple Watch First discuss how to unpair with iPhone. If you have your iPhone which is paired with your Apple Watch and looking to unpair it. Follow the given process to unpair apple from your iPhone.

  • Keep both together, your Apple Watch and your iPhone.
  • Now open the application of Apple Watch in your iPhone.
  • Now there you can see the option of ‘My watch’ tap on that.
  • Here you can see the list of Apple watches connected with your device.
  • Choose the watch you want to unpair.
  • A pop-up notification will raise on your Apple Watch screen. Tap on that.
  • Thump unpair Apple Watch, then choose unpair again.
  • Now it will ask your Apple ID and password. Fill it.
  • Thump unpair.

Along with the another action is go to settings < General < Reset. So that you can unpair your Apple Watch with the iPhone. Fill passcode, if you know. This is the easiest method to unpair your Apple Watch with your Apple device. This will distinctly unpair your watch with your device. not only this, it will disable all the services which you get with your Apple Watch. such like find my device, disable your device energizing lock, lock, information of your activity and report. Now here, we are going to discuss how to unpair your Apple Watch without your Apple device. (iPhone)

If you don ’ t have your iPhone nearby you. Or unable to navigate your Apple Watch with your iPhone. then don ’ thyroxine worry you can silent unpair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. however, the only negative target of this summons is that, it can ’ metric ton remove the energizing lock. Although let’s discuss the process.

  • Plug your Apple Watch with its charger.
  • Hold the side button to power down the watch.
  • You can see the three option on the screen. Select power off.
  • Choose erase all data and it’s setting.
  • Another way to remove your Apple Watch with your iPhone is, visit the icloud.com go to settings, choose the option to remove your Apple Watch under my device.

More features

You can besides remove your cellular plans with your Apple Watch from settings. Along with you can remove all the data by confirming. now unpair your watch and rebuild it with the factory settings. The Apple Watch is removed from your iPhone. still you have to work on removing energizing engage. To removing energizing lock follow the given process.Visit icloud.com on your MacBook or laptop.

Choose the option of find iPhone > it’s all devices > click on the option of Apple Watch > choose the option of ‘remove from account’. finally, your have unpaired your Apple Watch from your Apple device. Conclusion  I hope you found this article helpful. And now you know the process of how to unpair Apple Watch without a call. still you have any quarry related to this article. You can contact us, by commenting below. Thank you.

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