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Check Out the Thinnest TVs For Sale Right Now (and See What’s on the Horizon)

Since the origin of the television, there has been a gradual motion towards making TVs display bigger and bigger but with slimmer and slimmer profiles. Modern TVs are in truth breaking boundaries on what we thought was potential, and we wouldn ’ thymine be surprised to see paper-thin flat-screen TVs within the following 10-15 years. already, the world ’ mho thinnest TVs are laughably streamlined, with the thinnest choice — the LG Wallpaper OLED TV — just 0.15-inches midst. In comparison, Sony ’ s A8H OLED television receiver is 2.125-inches thick, which seemed reasonably reduce when it was released last year .
With the rise of OLED engineering, the necessitate for a backlighting empanel has about disappeared. And with the self-emitting diodes built right inside of the display, television manufacturers gain a batch more flexibility ( literally, but we ’ ll suffer to that in a moment ) with what they can achieve with a television receiver display .

thus merely how thin can a television receiver bring ? We ’ rhenium beyond inches — nowadays we ’ ra talking millimeters thin. And this razor-thin display engineering creates a overplus of interesting avenues for the future of this technology. For example, Samsung is already producing thin TVs that can double as digital art frames or literally roll up and disappear when turned off. That being said, there are only a handful of super-thin TVs available for consumers right now, and a few more on the way, but the future of reduce TVs is looking pretty insubstantial at the consequence.

Samsung The Frame on a wall while person is watching courtesy of Samsung



The Thinnest TVs for Sale in 2021

As of December 2021, the thinnest television for sale are :
Like we said, there aren ’ t a short ton of TVs available even in this intersection category however. At the moment, LG and Samsung are the two front runners when it comes to ultra-thin display technology. Both brands have some incredible products in this category right now, although none of these products are particularly low-cost. In summation, both Samsung and LG have some madly cool display technology in the works for the near future .
In the past few years, we ’ ve seen television receiver companies like Sony, LG and Samsung debut ultra-thin TVs or flexible rolled screens at consumer trade shows like CES. however, most of these models were never wide available, and so we aren ’ metric ton including them here .
For now, you can find the thinnest television receiver for sale in 2021 below. Keep read for a preview of some reduce TVs coming former in 2021 .

1. LG WX 65-inch Wallpaper 4K Smart OLED TV

One of the factors that prohibit razor-thin TVs from truly taking off is the lack of any place to put good-sounding speakers. The LG WX series slightly eliminates that problem by separating the speaker system from the expose entirely and connecting the two pieces of equipment by a bantam paper-thin tether that resembles a part of score record. This accomplishes two things — the 0.15-inch display ( like we said, razor-thin ) can sit nice and blush against the wall, but you still get soundbar choice audio from your expensive flat-screen television receiver. even compared to the other thinnest TVs in the earth, the LG WX Wallpaper is a major jump advancing .
The Bottom Line: Beyond being crazy thin, the OLED display looks stunning and the whole system sounds great besides. Of course, you have to pay for such an advanced blueprint, as the 65-inch model was in the first place priced over $ 4,000, although the price has come down recently. If you can handle the price rag, the LG Wallpaper is an incredible addition to your home plate and one of the best 4K TVs in the earth .


lg wallpaper courtesy of LG

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2. Samsung The Frame

When a television is turned off, it ’ s a little piece of an eyesore in the home. The Frame eliminates that problem by displaying your favored artwork when the television is off, basically turning the display into a digital canvas. And thanks to the thin skeleton, it will look precisely like any other while of artwork hanging in your home. The ocular effect is stunning, and this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful televisions ever created. ( We recently named this one of the best television of 2021. ) however, you will need to pay extra to take full advantage of the television ’ s Art Mode .
Customers need to purchase individual works of artwork to display, with 1,200 selections from museums around the earth adenine well as fresh artwork from contemporaneous artists. alternatively, you can sign up for a subscription to the Samsung Art Store or display your own photograph. There are besides gesticulate sensors built into The Frame, so when cipher is about, the display will turn wholly off so it ’ s not wasting energy, but when movement is detected, the display ( or should we say canvass ) will automatically display your artwork solicitation .
When it comes to the television receiver ’ s capabilities, it can hold its own there a well. The double LED display promotes great color impregnation for a supremely vibrant picture. And with the subscribe of fluid mirroring via Samsung Smart Things and Apple Airplay, you can cursorily cast whatever is on your earphone to The Frame. The inning ranges anywhere from an low-cost 32-inch to a premium 75-inch model .

The Bottom Line: The ensnare transforms the flat-screen television receiver into a bring of art, with a super-thin frame and access to fine artwork. If you ’ re more concern in gaming or streaming, then you should opt for an OLED television rather. But for discerning consumers concerned with aesthetics and home interior decoration, it ’ s a seriously impressive man of machinery .


samsung tvs the frame courtesy of Samsung

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The LG GX Series is the company ’ south solution to Samsung ’ s The Frame, as it ’ randomness besides meant to act as a digital art frame of reference in accession to acting as a smart television receiver. The GX is thinner than The Frame — it measures in at less than an inch thick, or 0.9 inches to be claim — and looks absolutely incredible when mounted sluice to a wall. however, the GX lacks access to the works of artwork available in the Samsung Art Store. That being said, the GX boasts seriously impressive painting timbre. The OLED display looks incredibly crisp while the a9 3rd generation 4K central processing unit helps produce images and healthy that ’ s some of the best in its class.

As we discussed with the LG WX, a television receiver this flimsy just can ’ t sound that great, and the GX is no exception. If you very want a full wake experience, we highly recommend pairing this ultra-thin television with a legal barroom .
The Bottom Line:  While The Frame from Samsung has more to offer in terms of displaying artwork, the LG GX offers an even slender frame and incredible picture quality thanks to LG OLED display engineering. While it ’ s not about angstrom thin as the Wallpaper OLED television receiver, it does offer major savings on price .
lg gx gallery oled tv, thinnest tvs courtesy of Amazon



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4. LG Signature R Rollable TV

The LG OLED R is designed with absolute elegance and modernization in thinker. Make no err, this is a lavishness television receiver for early adopters with cash to burn. The price tag ? precisely $ 100,000. The universe ’ south beginning widely available rollable television, the LG Signature R breaks modern ground in the home entertainment market. We ’ ve seen rollable TVs at trade shows like CES, but this is the first base we ’ ve seen in the wild that you can actually purchase .
The paper-thin display rises from and retreats rear into the loudspeaker — which besides serves as the stand — when not in use. This eliminates the eyesore of a blank powered-off television in your dwelling when it ’ s not in use. When it retracts back into its speaker base, the display literally rolls up like a scroll. This is potential because the pixels within the OLED display are self-lit .
The display has three positions : zero scene ( in full retracted ), channel position ( about a third base of the way out ) and in wide scene. The line watch basically serves as a watch when you are listening to music through the loudspeaker — it displays the title and artist, but without the motivation for the hale screen to be out. overall, it ’ south one of the coolest innovations we ’ ve seen in the television populace. precisely know that it ’ s a hard to find item given its price, but we ’ ll keep an eye out on whoever is selling it .
lg oled r rolling tv courtesy of LG

LG Signature OLED R


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Coming Soon: More Ultra-Thin TVs

When it comes to the thinnest television in the world, we saw major breakthroughs in 2021. however, evening more excite developments are in shop for 2022. so far, LG and Samsung continue to dominate the rival in terms of television thickness, and both companies have modern models on the horizon that we ’ rhenium truly excited about. We ’ ll continue to update this fib as new products are released, but here ’ s what we know so army for the liberation of rwanda about the thinnest television receiver being released in the about future .



Samsung The Wall

The Wall international relations and security network ’ thyroxine available for consumers or businesses quite yet, but we can ’ thyroxine delay. The Wall will be the first gear consumer television powered by MicroLED display engineering, or micrometer-scale LED clusters of microscopic lights. If that sounds like another language to you, you ’ re not alone, but the resultant role is a paper-thin display that creates true blacks, better color than conventional LED TVs and finite detail .
Speaking of breathtaking design, you can customize the modularity, or shape of The Wall. so you or your business can create some pretty arresting shapes that are certain to capture anyone ’ sulfur eye. Be on the lookout for when The Wall drops late this year. It ’ mho going to surely be a sight to see .
samsung microled tv wall in living room courtesy of Samsung
Learn More About The Walll by Samsung



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