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Samsung 2015 SUHD 4K TVs launch with official pricing

Samsung 2015 SUHD 4K TVs launch with official pricing David Katzmaier/CNET Customers in the US ultimately know how much they ‘ll be paying for a modern Samsung television. The korean electronics giant formally unveil pricing and specific model details for the 2015 television batting order that it first revealed bet on in January. At the high end, the line is dominated by Samsung ‘s premium “ SUHD ” label, by and large curved, all 4K models using Samsung ‘s relish of quantum dots — or what Samsung calls “ proprietorship Cadmium-free nano-crystal engineering. ” And the company reaffirmed that these new TVs will be powered by its Tizen operate on system. But despite the exotic name and stigmatization, SUHD TVs are basically LCD TVs supercharged with a bunch of fondness enhancements like those dots. And they ‘re going to have their work swerve out for them as they go up against the ace painting timbre of LG ‘s OLED TVs, which are besides being refreshed for 2015.

SUHD models and pricing

today ‘s price announcement largely aligns with this leak from February. In other words, we can now confirm SUHD TVs are SUper-expensive. The JS9500 costs $ 6000 for the 65-inch size right now at Amazon, and the least-expensive model, the JS8500, comes in at three fantastic for the 55-inch .

Samsung 2015 SUHD 4K TVs

Model Size Screen Available Price
UN65JS9500 65-inch Curved Now $6,499
UN78JS9100 78-inch Curved May $9,999
UN65JS9000 65-inch Curved Now $4,999
UN55JS9000 55-inch Curved Now $3,999
UN48JS9000 48-inch Curved Now $3,499
UN65JS8500 65-inch Flat Now $3,999
UN55JS8500 55-inch Flat Now $2,999

There ‘s besides an 88-inch JS9500 mentioned in the escape for $ 23,000. Since it ‘s already listed at some vendors, I wo n’t be surprised if Samsung formally unveils it today as well. Of naturally those prices will fall throughout the year, but by how much could vary widely ( and depends on when you buy ). The 2014 UN65HU9000 started at $ 4,999 and immediately that its successor has arrived, sells for $ 3,499, a rebate 30 percentage. meanwhile the UN65HU8550 fell from $ 3,999 to $ 2,997, a 42 percentage fell. Those prices are UPP ( universal price plan ), so they ‘re set by the manufacturer and vendors have little room for further discounts. The only exception to the prices listed above is the UN65JS9500, which sells for $ 500 less than Samsung ‘s “ official ” price.

The main deviation between the JS9500 and the decrease SUHD sets is in their types of local dim. The 9500 gets full-array, while the JS9000 and JS8500 get edge-lit local dim For details on how the SUHDs stack up, check out the first takes of the JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500. As for the 78-inch JS9100, we ‘re awaiting ratification from Samsung on how it differs from its peers. As mentioned above, note that the best SUHD sets are curved-only, while LG ‘s OLED TVs will be available in both curved and ( later this year ) flat screens. But it ‘s besides worth remembering that the best 65-inch SUHD is besides $ 3000 less than a 65-inch OLED, although the 55-inch 1080p OLED itself costs “ lone ” $ 3000 .

Samsung 4K TVs sans SUHDs

Samsung did n’t become the dominant television maker in the worldly concern by selling $ 3000 TVs, however. Part of its scheme is to offer an overwhelm number of TVs at different permutations and prices. That might help explain the profusion of other Samsung 4K/UHD TVs introduced today that do n’t merit the “ S. ” These TVs do n’t get SUHDs ‘ nanocrystals, and steadily shed features and blueprint chops as they get less expensive. That said they could even be very good sets, and might provide importantly better spang for your sawhorse than SUHD. I ‘m particularly excited to check out the UNJU7100 series, the least-expensive flatcar 2015 Samsung to offer actual local dim.

here ‘s the full number :

Samsung 2015 non-SUHD 4K TVs

Model Size Screen Available Price
UN78JU7500 78-inch Curved Spring $5,999
UN65JU7500 65-inch Curved Spring $2,999
UN55JU7500 55-inch Curved Spring $1,999
UN48JU7500 48-inch Curved Spring $1,599
UN40JU7500 40-inch Curved Spring $1,399
UN75JU7100 75-inch Flat April $4,999
UN65JU7100 65-inch Flat April $2,999
UN60JU7100 60-inch Flat April $2,499
UN55JU7100 55-inch Flat April $1,799
UN48JU7100 48-inch Flat April $1,499
UN40JU7100 40-inch Flat April $1,399
UN65JU6700 65-inch Curved Spring $2,699
UN55JU6700 55-inch Curved Spring $1,499
UN48JU6700 48-inch Curved Spring $1,149
UN40JU6700 40-inch Curved Spring $949

We expect to check out one of Samsung ‘s newly 2015 television receiver in our lab soon .

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